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Why don't I get to buy anything fun?

August 2nd, 2006 at 11:48 am

We ran out of pop on Monday night, so yesterday I ran to Jewel on my lunch hour to stock up. I noticed they had a mail in rebate for $5 if you bought two 12 packs. Great! Got back to the office and noticed you had to buy the pop by the 31st, and yesterday was the 1st. Drat!

However, while at the store buying pop I noticed Lean Cuisine's were on sale 4 for $10, or about $1 off each. So last night afterwork, I ran out and stocked up on a month's worth of them. I eat them for lunch at work everyday. So, since I bring my diet pop from home (19 to 23 cents a can, depending on how much a case is running) and just have an LC to eat, I'm having a hot lunch for less than $2.75 a day AND losing weight at the same time. Not bad! And as a bonus, one of those coupons printed out at check out for $2.00 off my next purchase of 10 Lean Cuisines. I'm thinking of going back tonight (sale end's today) and buying some more just to use the coupon and get the sale price too, but our stand-up freezer is starting to get full. I'll have to see if I can re-arrange things.

Today, I had to go buy Missy's expensive dog food at PetSmart. Purena is cheaper, but from the research I've done, it's low quality. Keeping Missy healhty and out of the vet's office is cheaper in the long run, plus I want Missy to be happy and healthy just because I love her! Anyway, it's $30 for a huge bag (lasts a good two months though!) but I can do a rebate for a $5 PetSmart gift card. And the rebate can be done online, nice and easy!

After PetSmart, I run to Costco to get the pickles that Tim loves that I can only find there (at least their cheap!) and also pick up a few other things we are low or out of. I love Costco, but my biggest complaint is that they don't have low fat or fat free versions of many items. They have Triscut crackers, but not low fat Triscuts. They have cheddar cheese in every form imaginable, but all are full fat, no reduced fat or 2% cheddar cheese (same with mozzerella). Campbell's cream of mushroom soup is the regular kind, they don't have the reduced fat. I could give you 10 more examples of items that I'd buy from them if they were only the "diet" versions. So, I'm stuck with the sales at Jewel (which sometimes are still a great deal, though).

And I'll be doing more shoping tomorrow, Jewel has a huge BOGO sale starting Thursday and they've got a bunch of stuff that we normally buy, so I'll be stocking up even more.

All of this shoping, and it's all boring stuff like groceries and pet food. Why don't I ever get to buy cool stuff like clothes and shoes? Oh, wait, that's right. I'm a cheap skate! Smile

2 Responses to “Why don't I get to buy anything fun?”

  1. Howtobewebsmart Says:


    Just came across your blog - wanted to say that if you have time, you probably could save time and money buy just buying everything (save fresh food) online. Just by cutting out sales tax, using coupon codes, and cash back sites, you can add up the savings quickly (plus save on gas!)

  2. elgin526 Says:

    Thanks for the tip, but other than the grocery store, I usually only run to Costco and Target about once a month, and PetSmart once every other month, and all three are very close to where I work. Running out at lunch also gets me out of the office for an hour, which really helps break up the day. But thanks again!

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