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Easy come, easy go...

August 18th, 2006 at 09:14 am

DH got paid today. Out of that his truck payment and insurance must be paid. The rest pays of two of DH's "one time" bills. He has more ways of wasting money sometimes, I could kill him! This comes out of his overtime money, but I wish he'd cut back on some of it (he won't and it's not worth the fight, and it's his OT afterall). One of them is for a "collectors" train set and the other is for some dumb "book of the month" club, and he doesn't even read! He just likes hard cover books (he works in the printing industry, I guess it's just professional curiosity!).

Anyway, after that's all paid, there's nothing until next friday, and next weeks checks pay for the mortgage, gas, and gorceries. Spent before it's even made!

In other news, my new Quicken program is working nicely. It really helps to see our cash flow situation and I can see how upcomming bills will affect our current balance and future deposits. I can see anu shortfalls before they happen and can hold off on certain bills or transfer money between accounts as needed. I've never bounced a check or payment but there have been a few close calls when I forget about an automatic payment or that I mailed a check for a one time purchase or bill. So far, so good. Well see how I still like it a month from now!

Also, I'd like to thank all you readers out there. I just noticed I have over 5,000 views on this blog, which to me is amazing since I don't think it's very interesting! Thanks for reading! Smile

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