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Short week!

August 25th, 2006 at 10:11 am

I took Mondy through Wednesday off, just to hang out at home, so I only went to work yesterday and today. Makes for a short week! Smile

Yesterday while driving to work, my little '98 Saturn rolled over to 100,000 miles. I was disapointed when nothing happend, I kind of expected confetti to shoot out of the heat vents and maybe a little song to play. Guess they didn't include that in the '98 model year... Wink Kiding aside, the car still looks and runs great so I have no plans to replace it in the next 2 years. So nice not to have a car payment (although Tim's truck payment is high enough for two cars, but that's a topic for another day...).

On Wednesday I went out with my mom, who is in town with my dad over the summer to escape the heat of Arizona. They go back home next week and I wanted to have a "mother-daughter" day before they leave. We went out for lunch (Mom paid! Smile ) and then went window shoping at the mall. Then we went to the riverboat casino, mom want me to show her how to use some of the more complex slot machines, the electronic ones with the 9 paylines and bonus rounds. Anyway, I won $150! (mom lost $40). I gave it to Tim to help pay for more lumber for the fence.

Speaking of the fence, we finally have the south line done, all that's left is the back of the yard (the west line). But since that has a chain link fence already from the neighbors, Missy is now able to run around without a leash! She's having a high ol' time, chasing the neighbors cats and all the squirels. She won't catch them, and even if she did she just wants to play, not eat them so it's all in good fun.

Tim got lots of overtime last week so this weeks check is nice and big. Good timing too, we had to order our extra prints of the wedding pictures, and we had to buy $400 worth of lumber for the fence all at once because it was being discontinued. Between the two, it kind of wiped us out, so the OT will more than make up for it, especially since he's getting a lot this week so next week's check will be a good one too!

My Quicken experiment is still going well. I can't seem to get it to update my credit card statments though, I'll have to work on getting that figured out. Otherwise it's working quite nicely.

1 Responses to “Short week!”

  1. homebody Says:

    I use Quicken to update my AMEX, but that is the only credit card I have tried.

    Thanks for reminding me. YD is very sick with Mono and I am going to e-mail her photographer that it will be a while before we order enlargements. We paid only $600.00 for our photographer, who is actually a 2nd grade teacher, who's hobby is photography. We got every shot she took. We have a ton of photos, not that many formal ones, but we only had 13 days to plan the 4th of July wedding, so we were thrilled just to get someone to take pictures! Her children went to private high school with YD and takes all the sports and special event photos for the high school, so that is why I called her. I am soo grateful she gave up her holiday to do this.

    By the way I am still driving my 94 Plymouth Voyager that has 176,000 on it, (original tranny) and I am driving it until it drops dead. Then I will drive our 89 Chevy truck that just got a new transmission, tires and alignment and radiator this year. It is DH's hunting truck. We bought him a new truck in anticipation of YD playing college soccer and traveling to her games in December 2005 and I HATE the payment!! Hope to start working on it after getting YD moved to North Carolina in December!

    I am happy your dog now has a yard to play. Unfortunately my dog doesn't want to be outside unless I am out there with him!! What a baby!

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