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Nothing much to report...

September 8th, 2006 at 02:06 pm

...at the moment. Same old stuff is going on. I'm super busy at work and Tim is working tons of OT as usual. My parents made it back AZ safe and sound, we'll see them when they come back for Christmas. Tim's working on the fence, hopefully that will be done in another month or so.

Speaking of home improvements, we've made a list of what projects we want to do in what order, if things go close to schedule we'll have it all done in two years or so. There are some big ticket items like new siding, new furnace/AC, new driveway, a kitchen remodel and two bathroom remodels, and a host of middle to small sized projects. It will cost us less than it sounds, because we'll do a lot of the work ourselves. Actually everything except the HVAC stuff and the driveway, really! I'm just glad we have down on paper, it gives us more of a focus, rather than just walking around the house saying "someday we'll get around to fixing that!".

1 Responses to “Nothing much to report...”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Great going -- Nothing like a plan! Post it up on the wall or somewhere so you don't lose it!! {what can I say, I'm such a MOM!

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