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Brrrr...it's cold!

September 22nd, 2006 at 06:22 am

Tim wanted me to turn the furnace on the other day. I told him I'd rather freeze than turn it on in September!

Normally we ease into fall in NE Illinois, but not this year. Everyone is predicting a harsh winter. Lovely. Frown

We have to replace the roof on the back of the house, and I'm not happy about it, it means the home inspector missed it, and now I wonder what else he missed! The front roof is fine, that seemed to have been done properly with good materials. Tim says the back roof was done half-assed and with cheap materials, which is why it needs to be replaced now but the front roof is fine. So that will be around $1000.

I am happy that Tim installed a garbage disposal for me in the kitchen sink! I've been living without one for over a year and I can't tell you how happy I am that I don't have to clean out the drain trap anymore! Yuck, I hated that! We got one of the new super quiet ones from Insinkerator and you can barely hear it, even when it's grinding up stuff. Kind of weird, actually...

Tim and I both have the weekend and part of next week off from work. We were going to go to Vegas but we had to many other expenses so we canceled. But we're going up to one of the indian casino's in Wisconsin near the Dells overnight on Tuesday, so we'll have a little get away and I'll still be able to play the slots. Maybe I'll win enough to pay for the roof.... Smile

2 Responses to “Brrrr...it's cold!”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Did you have some kind of written agreement with the house inspector that includes a refund of some kind if a repair comes up that he signed off on???

  2. pearlieq Says:

    I'm with you. I thought about turning the furnace on this week but just couldn't make myself do it. I got a sweater, put out some blankets for the cats to burrow in, and toughed it out.

    I hope the roof repairs go well and you have fun on your mini-vacation!

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