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$24 for soup

March 21st, 2007 at 09:09 pm

Not much new, which is good because nothing has happened that has cost us any money!

Jewel had Campbell's soup on sale this week $1 a can (normally $1.65 a can) so I stocked up (bought 24 cans for a total of $24) since I cook with it a lot and it hardly ever goes on sale. I also bought 10 cans when I did my regular shoping on Sunday. I would have bought it all then but they were out of several varities I needed, so I went back today for the rest. That should hold us until mid-summer, maybe longer. 34 cans at .65 cents a can means I saved $22.10. Not bad.

I also got a pound of deli ham free when I bought a pound. DH eats that stuff like mad so it will be gone before it spoils, and even if he didn't I understand it freezes well. That saved another $8 or so. Bacon was BOGO and there were a few other deals. So we've been able to stock up for a while, next week I'll only need to get fruit and dairy, and maybe one or two odds and ends.

We've gotten more demo done on the bathroom, it should be done in another week. The demo is taking a really long time because we are gutting it down to the studs and flor joists. Also this house was built in '47 and they built stuff to LAST back then, it litterally won't come apart! Once the demo is done, that's when we'll start to have to buy things to put back in it, so I'm actually glad that it's taking so long. DH will be able to get more overtime starting next month so the OT will go towards the new bath materials.

I got $130 in rebate checks all in about 2 weeks time, just went to the bank to deposit them over the weekend. The money will go towards paying off the CC bill from last month, the one that was huge due to repairs to DH's truck. It will depend on how much, if any, OT gets in the next two weeks but at the most we'll have to pull about $1300 out of savings to cover it. So next month our goal is to replenish savings as much as possible. At least we can pay in full and don't have to run a balance!