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Wow we spent a lot of money this month!

November 2nd, 2006 at 09:34 pm

$800 in repairs on DH's truck
$500 in vet bills for Missy
$200 to help out DH's mom
$179 for dinner out for our 1st wedding aniversary (we didn't exchange gifts, this WAS our gift!)
$200 to buy the proofs from the photographer for our wedding (saves us $$$ in the long run, we can print our own copies)
$55 for the eye doc for me (what insurance wouldn't cover, but I do get a years supply of contacts!)

In our defence of dinner out for our aniversary, everything except helping out MIL happenend AFTER we'd already gone out. Had we known about the vet and truck bills, we would have picked a cheaper restaurant! Now, we had the money for everything, but I was hoping to put it towards paying off our debt! Now November will be the second month in a row that I won't be able to put extra towards our debt repayment. December is an extra paycheck month because their are 5 fridays that month, plus I get my bonus from work (we've been told we WILL get one for sure!) so IF nothing else pops up, even after Christmas gifts and our year-end charitable donations, we'll be able to put a lot towards the debt! But DH's truck still needs four new tires, my car needs two new tires and work on the suspension...oh...I just gave myself a headache! At least Tim can do the work on my suspension, all we have to pay for is parts.

2 Responses to “Wow we spent a lot of money this month!”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    The old adage..when it rains, it pours--sure held true in your case! Im glad you enjoyed your first anniversary before all the other *shtuff* happened!

  2. Jo Says:

    all your expenditures seem reasonable, you shouldn't feel so bad

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