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Started Christmas shoping today

December 13th, 2006 at 07:08 pm

Boy is it nuts out there! I went over my lunch hour, and traffic was crazy. It wasn't the number of cars on the road, it was the insane things they were doing, like running read lights and driving on the wrong side of the road!

Anyway, I managed (by the grace of God!) to make it unscathed to all my various stops. Barnes and Noble for a gift cert for my Mom and my oldest brother (that was for his birthday this Saturday and not Xmas, actually.) I stoped at the toy store for my two nephews, and then went to Lowes for a gift cert for my other brother. I'm giving cash to my father (per his request), and DH wants to send cash to his mother and grandparents. So that just leaves my oldest brother and his wife, my DH, my two co-workers, and a stop at the card store for cards to those whos gift is being mailed. I'll do all of that on Friday, we get out early due to our office Christmas party and I'll be right near the mall.

All in all, we'll spend about 1/3 of my bonus on presents, then I'll send a check to a charity or two, and the rest goes towards our debt.

1 Responses to “Started Christmas shoping today”

  1. jersey jen Says:

    the shopping rush has begun! i just finished all my christmas shopping, it was a relief!

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