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Random thoughts

January 24th, 2007 at 05:07 pm

DH is still doing demo on the bathroom. At least demo is cheap, just the dump fees for the debris. Next month I have to pick out tile and paint. DH says I have to pick the colors since I never like what he picks. That's not true, the only thing he's picked out for the house that I didn't like is the stain color on our fence, it's looks orange! We also have to pick out the shower, tub, faucets, vanity and sink. I hate decorating, I always second guess myself about what will look good, and when you're spending this much money, it's especially nerve racking! And it's not like you can lay the tile, look at it for a week, and decide you don't like it. Once it's down you're stuck with it (litterally, it's stuck to the walls and floor! Wink ).

Still waiting for DH's W2 so I can do the taxes. I have all the other data entered into Turbo Tax so once I get it, I can just plug in the numbers and we'll be ready to file immediatly.

Got our first real winter gas bill, only $134. Not bad, our January bill last year was double that. Between lower natural gas prices and a mild winter, this is going to be a lot better than last year. Part of our home remodel is to add insulation to the walls and roof (right now it's non-existant, they didn't insulate house in the 1940's I guess) so next year should be even better. I hope we can take the tax credit for energy conservation related home improvment items next year, I haven't been able to find out if that was just for 2006 or if it continues in 2007.

The budget has been tight this month, the time DH had to take off to visit his sick grandmother was un-paid, so two of his checks will be way below normal. Coupled with the high credit card bills from last month, we are pretty low on dough! He worked two extra shifts this past weekend, and he'll do one or two more extra ones this weekend, so hopefully we can replenish savings quickly and get back on track.

I've given up on trying to pay off our CC debt anytime soon. DH just will not get on board. The bathroom remodel was supposed to be realatively cheap, now he wants to go all out on it. He wants to do the kitchen next year, and God only knows what he'll want to do after that. Plus there is the stuff that must be done, like replacing the furnace and AC, and re-wiring the house. He wants to take a real (ie expensive) vacation this fall, he wants to replace his truck sooner rather than later, he wants to start trying to have kids this year too. In short, he just wants to live life like we aren't in debt (which, if we weren't in debt, would be fine). The best I can do is to keep us from increaseing our debt (and I've been successful so far), and paying the minimum due on our 0% interest CC and keep doing 0% balance transfers so we are at least not paying interest on our CC's. At the current rate we'd be done in 4 to 5 years, I'm going to try and get it done in three if I can. I had hoped when I first started this blog to be CC debt free by mid-2008 at the latest. That's just not going to happen now. DH just won't stop spending and I just don't have the energy to fight. The best I can do is to attempt to keep his spending down to where we can pay cash for everthing and not go further into debt.

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